A silver brooch: super versatile piece of jewelry

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In your jewelry box, there are undoubtedly some old and old-fashioned models of silver brooches that you want to wear again. It is always possible to modernize a jewel, to transform it, to recycle it. Jewelers that sell wholesale silver brooch can change the appearance of a silver brooch into a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, earrings to fit your tastes.

Among all the jewels that can adapt quickly based on the trend, the brooch is one of the most flexible. This jewel that we pin onto the garment regularly returns in fashion. We explain how to turn it into a pendant and wear it as a necklace.


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A quick and easy way to wear a brooch pendant

The brooch is a jewel that is worn on a garment, most often on the bust. You can also hang it on a scarf. And it finds its place at the end of a chain. Close the pin at the back of the ornament of the brooch. Then, slide a string or leather tie between the pin and the pin. It is a straightforward method, but it works mainly with small pins with balanced shapes. A sun-shaped silver brooch will be easy to associate with a chain, choker, or jumper. On the other hand, a big pin with a complex shape will be poorly balanced: it will fall badly on the bust and will tend to turn on itself. It is also likely to open, to unhook, to get damaged.


Accessories to convert a silver brooch into a pendant

Thanks to the trend of Do It Yourself (DIY), we now find many accessories to make and transform oneself jewelry. As for the silver brooches that you wish to convert into pendants, you can acquire:

A bail: this element attached to the top of the pendant allows to suspend the jewel to a chain or a cord
A tube: it serves to hide the pin on the back of the pin and keep it closed
A vertical pin to convert a brooch: it fits on the existing pin, keeps it closed and, at the top, there is a bail to pass a chain or a link.
It is also possible to remove the current fixing system from your spindle. The pin is usually either glued or welded. Be careful not to damage the jewel. Then, attach a bail to turn the jewelry into a pendant.An expert jeweler to make something new with old.


Leave the tricky part to professionals

Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale It is advisable to call in a professional jeweler from Hong Factory to make sure your brooch turns out well. Experts from Hong Factory will convert a broochs into a pendant without risking your jewelry. They can adapt your brooch into a new creation with to the metals, stones, and style you want to create. Very often, this type of modernization takes little time for the jeweler. Entrust your old jewelry to transform it into a custom creation. In addition to converting the broochs into a pendant, they can add silver ornaments, pearls, diamonds, rhinestones as well.

Finally, if you don’t want to risk the precious broochs that you may have inherited from your parents, consider buying wholesale silver brooch from Hong Factory. You can use them any way you see fit, and if you accidentally damage them. You can quickly get a fix from Hong Factory or buy a new one with a reasonable cost.